Should I Sell My House After a Family Member Dies?

When a family member dies unexpectedly, you’ll have a lot on your mind, and you likely won’t think about your household finances. However, without the financial help of your family member, you might find yourself in over your head when it comes to bills and expenses. Here are a few reasons why you might want to sell your house after a family member dies.

Are Home Expenses Manageable?

Without the additional income provided by your family member, you might find that home expenses quickly become unmanageable. Unfortunately, many home expenses are necessary, fixed expenses that you can’t change. Even as you try to tighten your budget, you might find that your home expenses are impossible to keep up with. Mortgage payments, utility expenses, property taxes, and other fees can quickly add up. In this circumstance, selling your home can provide you with financial stability and relief. 

Don’t Sell Traditionally

If you’re trying to sell your home after the loss of a loved one, make sure that you don’t sell to a traditional buyer. Traditional home buyers are notorious for making the selling process quite expensive since they’re homeowners themselves. To attract a traditional buyer, you’ll usually have to pay for advertisements, professional photography, and staging fees. Traditional buyers will often want you to pay for expensive inspections, repairs, and renovations, which can also delay your selling process. Some traditional buyers will even want you to cover their portion of the closing costs. Selling your house to a traditional buyer can severely mess up your home sale budget. 

Sell to a Cash Buyer

When you’re trying to sell your home after the death of a loved one, sell to a cash buyer instead. Cash buyers will purchase your home easily and quickly. They’ll get you a personalized cash offer within 24 hours of contacting them. Most cash buyers will purchase your house as-is, which means that you won’t have to spend any money on inspections or repairs. Additionally, the closing costs will be much more affordable and minimal when you sell your house to a cash buyer. When you sell your house for cash, you’ll be out of your house within 30 days or less.

So, if you’ve recently had a family member die unexpectedly, remember that you don’t have to feel trapped by your financial situation. You can easily sell your house to a cash buyer and regain financial stability. This can help you to recover and help your family while you’re mourning the loss of your loved one.

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